General Federation of Women's Clubs Fundraiser Page


Itís time to sell those beans!

Thank you for considering Womenís Bean Project for your fundraising needs. Teaming with Womenís Bean Project benefits not only the General Federation of Women's Clubs, but the many hardworking women we serve, because after all, itís not about the beans, itís about the women.

By participating in our fundraising program, you are helping provide deserving women the ability to support their families, further their education, learn job and life skills, and successfully re-enter the workforce as strong, capable, confident women. In return, GFWC will benefit from the sales of our lovingly handmade gourmet food and limited-edition jewelry. Each chapter will receive the chosen commission structure below and GFWC's national office will receive an additional 5% of all sales as well!

Here's how it works:

1) Register by filling out our ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM for your fundraiser.

2) Choose the best fundraising option for you:

A. Your group sells from the BeanSprouts order form & collects payment directly from the customer. Choose the 30% (+ 5% to national) commission structure and pick-up your order from WBP HQ. Or choose the 20% (+ 5% to national) commission structure and receive FREE bulk shipping to one address for distribution.

B. Your group receives a unique online coupon code allowing customers to place orders on the WBP website from anywhere in the country. WBP tracks all online sales, credits all purchases to your account, and returns a check to you for 30% (+ 5% to national) after your fundraiser ends. If you choose this option you will receive your unique code after we have received your completed registration form.

C. Your group chooses to use a combination of both methods.

3) We will provide you with the following materials to ensure your fundraising campaign is as successful as possible:

Talking points to introduce Womenís Bean Project fundraising to your organization. - A DVD to help you better understand our program participants, the importance of our mission, and how your fundraiser will make a world of difference. - Marketing tips & literature, including brochures and order forms. - Womenís Bean Project contact information & payment information. - A master order form for quick & easy ordering.

4) You take orders and collect money. All checks are to be written to your organization.

5) You submit the Master Order Form to WBP via email.

6) You pick-up or we ship you the entire order for distribution.

7) You will be invoiced and charged for your order according to the delivery method you chose. The profit is yours to keep.

8) We send you a check for 30% (+ 5% to national) of any sales placed online with your unique code.

If at any time your organization is in need of more materials, we will gladly provide them for you.

Womenís Bean Project is looking forward to adding you to our BeanSprouts fundraising team. Itís the ultimate win-win. Fundraising with purpose. And, we challenge you to make a difference, to raise money for GFWC, and spread the word about Womenís Bean Project at the same time. The more people we reach, the more women weíre are able to help, and the more lives weíre able to change. How powerful is that?

If you have any questions feel free to contact Marcia Neville.