Handcrafted Limited-Edition Jewelry

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ďWomenís Bean Project is a great place to work because itís an uplifting environment. When you do a good job its appreciated. It makes me want to work harder. And the job is cumulative. Itís not just a job, it helps you in other areas of your life. Every day I am reminded to do whatís best, not whatís easy.Ē Jenny

We're not just beans any more. Check out our limited-edition jewelry, lovingly handcrafted by Women's Bean Project Program Participants. Working in conjunction with jewelry designers, Franki Morales Cook and Ashley Schenkein, program participants learn the basic skills of jewelry making to create these beautiful, limited-edition pieces.

To date, more than 30 additional women have been hired to work in the jewelry business. These women may not have had the chance to create a successful future if not for the power of this new business. It has allowed the Bean Project to change more lives by employing more women and teaching them the job readiness and life skills needed to more toward self-sufficiency.