Our Program and Application Process

For 24 years Women's Bean Project’s (WBP) transitional employment program has provided economically disadvantaged women with the opportunity to become independent by teaching basic job readiness skills and life-skills in a business environment.

Each year WBP provides 70 women with a transitional job for an average of nine months. Structured job readiness training occurs within the context of on-site businesses owned and managed by WBP: the production of gourmet soups, other food products and gift baskets, plus handmade jewelry.

Income from the businesses allows WBP to pay women a steady wage as they work in a safe, accepting environment and develop the work and interpersonal skills needed to get and keep a job.

WBP teaches “soft skills”– the non-technical skills, abilities and traits that employers say are lacking in entry-level applicants.

The job training program helps women move out of dependency and into personal responsibility and self-reliance through a holistic approach that includes on-the-job training as well as stabilization and personal development services.

Program Components:

Stabilization/Removing Employment Barriers: Immediately after intake, a case plan is developed and access to services to meet basic needs such as housing, transportation, and health care is facilitated.

Life-Skills Classes to Enhance Employability: Weekly classes on topics such as goal setting, budgeting, and empowerment promote growth in self-confidence and responsibility. As well as, classes such as computer training, mock interviews and job search techniques impart crucial tools needed for employment.

Fundamental Job Readiness Training: Through daily hands-on work in our food production and jewelry- making businesses, women gain the skills such as attendance, teamwork, positive attitude and problem-solving that employers say they are not getting in entry-level applicants.

Individualized Job Placement Services: When performance evaluations indicate job readiness, each woman receives job placement assistance from mentor/job coaches and staff as she transitions from the program to a career entry-level job.

Program Phases:

Program participants make a nine-month commitment with a focus on employment outcomes from the start. A woman is eligible to graduate when performance evaluations indicate that she has gained basic job readiness skills required for career entry-level jobs.

  • Phase I (2 months) is a new participant’s probation and stabilization period. Wrap-around support services are provided to meet basic needs. The hands-on manufacturing process teaches fundamental job readiness skills.

  • Phase II (4 months) begins when a participant has eliminated barriers to employment and has demonstrated a good work ethic. Participants earn the opportunity to work in areas of the business such as shipping and reception.

  • Phase III (3 months) begins when evaluations show that a participant is ready to start the process of transitioning from WBP into career entry-level mainstream jobs. During this program phase, the focus is on individualized career development planning.

    Throughout the course of nine months, we work with program participants to help them discover their capabilities and interests. As they approach the end of their training, participants will decide whether to further their education, access more training through another community nonprofit, or search for a new job.

    Here are just a few of the businesses who have hired WBP Graduate's:

    • Wells Fargo Bank
    • Sysco Foods
    • The Colorado Trust
    • St. Joseph's Hospital
    • Safeway
    • Old Country Buffet
    • Denver Health Medical Center
    • Marriott's Residence Inn

    Application Process

    Come to Women's Bean Project at 3201 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80205 from 8:30am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday to fill out and submit an application.