Volunteerism is intrinsic to the success of the Women's Bean Project. Our Board of Directors is comprised of hard-working members of the community. In addition, a corps of nearly 200 regular volunteers offer their time and talents in support of our mission. Our volunteers continue to be our frontline in promoting and educating the public about the Women's Bean Project. Last fall, volunteers sold over $65,000 worth of WBP products during the holiday season! And many volunteer groups offer extra hands and high spirits on the production floor. Volunteering with the WBP is very flexible. Some people volunteer each week, while others donate their time two or three times a year. We simply ask that you honor and take seriously any commitment that you do make to the WBP.

Our Needs Ebb and Flow

Because our program and production schedules are cyclical in nature, our volunteer needs ebb and flow depending on the time of year. Our greatest need for volunteers occurs between May-December, however we have sporadic needs throughout the year. Feel free to read about the different types of needs below and contact us with your interest. If we don't have anything currently available, we'll gladly add you to our volunteer mailing list so you can be kept in the loop regarding future opportunities.

Our volunteer needs include some of the following:

Outside Sales Events

Throughout the course of the year (and especially during the holiday season: October December), WBP is invited to share information on our program and sell our products at a number of churches, craft fairs, farmer's markets and community events. Volunteers staff our tables and act as Bean Project representatives while selling our bean soups and baskets. This volunteer opportunity is by far our greatest need. A large majority of the events take place on the weekends and the shifts run approximately three to four hours. As you can imagine, the holiday season is the busiest for off-site events, with four to five events happening each weekend in November and December. During the rest of the year, sales are much slower, with an average of two to four events per month. A great way for volunteers to get involved is by organizing an off-site event of their own at their church or place of business.


The Production Department is busy packaging our bean soups and putting together our gift baskets, especially during the holidays. During the hours that the program participants are here, volunteers are sometimes used to help out on the bean line or in gift basket assembly.

Program Support/Life Skills Classes

There are times when we might need specific help to augment our program. We will use the information you list on your volunteer application (under special skills) to identify individuals to contact when we need your expertise. Anyone who can help our participants work on resumes and interview skills is very helpful. If you are interested in helping, please contact Susan Kohut.

Volunteer Support

Occasionally, volunteers commit to working weekly or monthly at the Bean Project facility in production. If you're interested in volunteering like this, please contact us. We want to work with volunteers who are committed to the vision and purpose of our program. We welcome the opportunity to discuss new ways in which women and men can serve Women's Bean Project. While most of our volunteer needs are filled on an individual basis, we welcome the chance to work with volunteer groups. Since we are a viable, operating business, we cannot accept groups to assist with production on the premises who are under high school age. However, we do welcome off-site sales by younger students (with at least one adult supervisor) at schools, churches, recreation centers, etc.

If you or your group is interested in volunteering with the Women's Bean Project, please contact Susan Kohut at 303-292-1919 to discuss some of our opportunities.

If you are interested in volunteering as an individual, please fill out our online volunteer application. We will follow up with you to discuss some ways to get involved. Thank you for your support and interest!