What the Women Say

Lisa Germany Digital Story - Back in my Life from Daniel Weinshenker on Vimeo.

I came out of a place where I felt people looked upon me as a “poor” person and someone who must struggle. These are the things I was familiar with and I blamed a lot of people for seeing me that way. I was angry about it and quick to physically attack anyone who made me angry. In fact, I was a victim of the “system”, and always at the mercy of the rules that other people set for me.

Now, I know the question is “Who Am I?” And that means not who someone else thinks I am, but who I know I am. “What do I want”? This is a scary question. It’s scary because I have to be responsible for what I go after. So these are a few of the answers I know for sure:

I want to be educated, get my GED and then go on to more education. I want to live in my own house with a mortgage where no one can tell me what to do. I want a job that I am good at and feel comfortable going to every day. I want to wear a “white coat” (be in the medical field) and comfortable nurses shoes with my hair pulled back. I want to get pleasure in a job well done every day.

So, I must deal with what is in front of me. I have to start from where I am and see the reality of my circumstances. Then, I have to realize I can actually have what I want. I can no longer blame others for my situation and each time I move a step ahead it means that I have to keep moving on with new goals. I’m afraid of that but I think I’m ready.

I come from a broken home and learned to survive at a young age and had many experiences I did not need. My goals are to be self-supporting, motivated and independent. The Bean Project has helped me work on my personal issues and helped me get ready for the real world. Women’s Bean Project is the greatest gift of hope. It has opened my eyes to a new reality, a reality I never thought it possible to touch. It has brought me structure and gave me the tools to build a stable life, and a commitment to keep pushing forward and setting goals. When I came to the Bean Project I was lacking self-esteem job readiness and so much more. Now I have held a job for a year, have a resume and am going to school to get my GED. The training tracks in the program have taught me clerical skills that I will take with me when I leave. I can’t say enough about how good the Bean has been to me and how much it has changed my life. I am grateful to be given this chance. Thank you for believing in me.

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I have been held back in the past by a negative attitude, low self-esteem, insecurity and feeling unloved. The Bean Project is helping me get to work, open up and talk about my feelings, find a place to live and is teaching me job skills.

This program and what it stands for is helping me come out of my shell and I want other women to receive the help I’m receiving so they can better their lives.

What I have learned in the time I have been at the Women’s Bean Project, is that you can always start over and be accepted regardless of your past. I’ve overcome the barriers to unemployment. I now have a means to provide for my two sons and am motivated to accomplish much more. I am learning the skills of being able to work effectively and communicate with others. I am learning to express myself and recognize how I behave affects my work as well as my life. I want to own my own business someday, and the Women’s Bean Project is acting as a bridge to help me reach my goals as I accomplish the steps I need to get there and be successful.