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See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil

I never grew up knowing someone who served time in jail or prison. I only knew of my healthy family, which gave me endless support to follow my dreams. I lived in Lincoln, Nebraska, in a safe neighborhood where children could ride their bikes past dark and not have to worry. Now, I know multiple women who have been incarcerated. I know women who

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Bean Cooking Basics

Ever wonder how to cook your beans? Women’s Bean Project has you covered. Here are some bean cooking basics from our friends at Kelley Bean Company: Slow soak: Soaking dry beans in water overnight isn’t really necessary. Fast soak: Boil dry beans for a couple of minutes and let them soak for one hour before cooking. Faster soak: Boil dry beans over medium heat

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I am Women’s Bean Project: Aminah

Before Women’s Bean Project, I felt hopeless and not hireable. I heard about Women’s Bean Project by word of mouth and decided to pursue employment there to get help getting back into the workforce. Some of my favorite parts of the program were Dress for Success and my mentor. I realized there was opportunity to improve my resume writing and interview skills. Women’s Bean

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Second Chances

In 2010, Chaka lost her mother and fell into a deep depression. While working in home healthcare, Chaka made a horrible choice that cost her job and heartache among her family and children. Nobody would hire her for more than two years, until one day when she got a call from Women’s Bean Project. Meet Elizabeth, who had no positive role models growing up

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Highway to Hope: A Mother’s Blessing

My name is Amber and I would like to start this note by saying thank you for this opportunity. The most amazing part of this blessing is the timing of it. I’d like to share a little bit about myself and my situation. I am 37 years old and have many parts of a past. I was released 8 months ago from Denver Women’s

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Graduates find new reasons to celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. A time to reflect about your mom and the things you love about her. For women just graduating from Women’s Bean Project, this Mother’s Day looks different from prior years. “Women’s Bean Project has changed my perception on what I can do with my future. While my children have seen me struggle, they are proud of what I have accomplished,” says Brenda,

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