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Receive a Colorado state tax credit for 25% the value of your gift over $250. The Urban and Rural Enterprise Zones were created by the Colorado State Legislature in 1986 as a tax incentive device. Intended to channel growth into needy areas, stimulate the economy, reward job creation and encourage private investment in business assets located within designated areas, the DUEDC is a corporation set up under the Denver Enterprise Zone Act. Women’s Bean Project qualifies for this program by providing job training and job placement services and by operating and promoting business within the Enterprise Zone.

Contributors to the programs within the Denver Urban Enterprise Zone benefit from a tax credit against their Colorado State income tax.

  • For monetary donations, the credit is 25% of the amount given.
  • For in-kind contributions, the credit is 12.5% of the value of the contribution.

Donations to Women’s Bean Project over $250 are eligible for the credit. We will send you the appropriate tax forms with your donation receipt. Gifts are fully tax deductible on both federal and state returns.

For more information, contact our Development Department at 303.292.1919 ext. 113.

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