Graduates Find New Reasons to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day. A time to reflect about your mom and the things you love about her. For women just graduating from Women’s Bean Project, this Mother’s Day looks different from prior years.

“Women’s Bean Project has changed my perception on what I can do with my future. While my children have seen me struggle, they are proud of what I have accomplished,” says Brenda, a recent program graduate and mother of three.

No matter our circumstance we still look for approval from our mom. Chaka, who is in her late 30’s with three boys, knows the feeling, “If my mom were here today, she’d be really proud of me. I wish she could see how far I’ve come.” After the loss of her mother Chaka fell into a deep depression and didn’t want anything to do with her kids or life. She knew that during this time she wasn’t as good of a mother to her kids as her mom would have wanted her to be, so today she is trying to make up for it by being the positive role model to her kids that her mom was to her.

“I was at home raising our four school-age children, with no prior work history or a GED. We were on the TANF program for temporary assistance,” says Alberta, another recent graduate. “I was able to accomplish my personal goals of securing stable child care and making dental appointments for myself and my family. Going through this program gave me the opportunity to show my children that if you work hard, you can accomplish anything. I recently got hired at Denver Public Schools in their food service division and am now able to provide for my family.”

While many families honor their mothers on Mother’s Day, Women’s Bean Project graduates can be excited about the fact that, as a result of their training and the increased self esteem gained while working at the Bean Project, they can be better mothers.

“I believe that the women who go through our program can become better mothers. The increased self esteem they have as a result of the work they do at Women’s Bean Project is important. It makes them feel that they are worthy of a better life. This allows them to be role models of employment and self confidence for their kids which creates a ripple effect in our community,” says Tamra Ryan, CEO of Women’s Bean Project. “Today customers can honor their mothers by supporting other moms in need.”

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