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We take our responsibility to our donors seriously. We’re proud that your funds go directly to support the non-revenue generating program services and activities that account for approximately 30% of of a program participant’s paid time, such as:

  • Weekly 1-1 mentor meetings
  • Life skills classes
  • Financial literacy training
  • Basic computer skill building
  • Planning and organizing classes
  • Personal and professional development
  • Resume building and interviewing skills
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Nutrition and self-care

These services cost money to support, but are so critical to a woman’s success before she transitions to full-time, career entry-level employment in our community; setting her on a path to job advancement and self-sufficiency.

We are working to fund our future

After 26 years of operating a business with a social mission we find ourselves in the fortunate position of receiving national recognition for providing a viable model for transitional employment. We feel the time is now to increase our impact through growth.

Strategic Plans

By focusing on a desired future, we have developed a strategic plan with two key elements — a vision for the future and an organizational strategy to get us there. This plan is our roadmap for the next iteration of Women‘s Bean Project.


In 2014, our whole community played a role in Women’s Bean Project’s efforts to help more women move out of chronic unemployment and poverty. Our momentum keeps building – improving our outcomes consistently over the last two years to a 77% graduation rate, 100% job placement rate and 80% 6-month job retention rate.

Financial Reports


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