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Theresita with FrankiBy paying participants a wage, the program helps women meet their basic needs. Our program subsidizes bus passes, provides resources for affordable housing and childcare, arranges for free or discounted medical care, and works with banks to help women set up direct deposit, checking and saving accounts. Women are also referred to outside providers for additional services.

Income from the businesses allows the Bean Project to pay women a steady wage as they work in a safe, accepting environment and develop the work and interpersonal skills needed to get and keep a job.

Women’s Bean Project teaches “soft skills”– the non-technical skills, abilities and traits that employers say are lacking in entry-level applicants.

The job training program helps women move out of dependency and into personal responsibility and self-reliance through a holistic approach that includes on-the-job training as well as stabilization and personal development services.

It was scary, but since being hired at Women’s Bean Project, our lives are coming together. I have confidence and can provide food and rent for my family. We have independence. The classes have provided skills in organization, finance, time management and so much more. The staff is there for you and wants everyone to succeed.
~Theresita, 2014 Program Graduate

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