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I am Women’s Bean Project: Katrina

Prior to coming to the Bean Project, I was living in a halfway house with no stable job, no way to pay rent, no way to move past felony charges, no confidence. I learned about Women’s Bean Project from my probation officer and I was interested, but scared of change. The Bean Project has provided me with stability, ability to obtain housing, confidence and classes to prepare me for a NEW chance in the world. I can move past the felony charges. It is possible.

The staff is encouraging and very supportive and I have developed friends while working at the Bean Project. While employed at Women’s Bean Project, I was asked to speak on a panel at a networking event that my mentor encouraged me to do and did a TV interview for a local TV station to promote a running race that Women’s Bean Project was the beneficiary for. I also spoke with my son at Ready, Set, Grow!, our graduation ceremony in front of 800 people and – I was offered a job on the spot from Goodwill Industries and am now in a management position thanks to the skills I learned while at the Bean Project! After graduating over a year ago, I am proud to say that I am still at Goodwill Industries and continue to move up the management ladder. In fact, I want to stay with Goodwill and move all the way up to the corporate level.

I would encourage other women to seek out the Bean Project and to make the most of this opportunity. This is a great place to rebuild your life and learn the necessary skills needed to get and keep a job and become self-sufficient. I’m learning to take a leadership role in all aspects of my life through the encouragement and support of the Bean Project.

~Katrina, 2013-14 Program Graduate

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