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I am Women’s Bean Project: Margaret

I came out of a place where I felt people looked upon me as a “poor” person and someone who must struggle. These are the things I was familiar with and I blamed a lot of people for seeing me that way. I was angry about it and quick to physically attack anyone who made me angry. In fact, I was a victim of the “system”, and always at the mercy of the rules that other people set for me.

I now know I have to be responsible for what I go after. I want to be educated, get my GED and then go on to more education. I want to live in my own house with a mortgage where no one can tell me what to do. I want a job that I am good at and feel comfortable going to every day. I want to get pleasure in a job well done every day. So, I must deal with what is in front of me. I have to start from where I am and see the reality of my circumstances. Then, I have to realize I can actually have what I want. I can no longer blame others for my situation and each time I move a step ahead it means that I have to keep moving on with new goals. I’m afraid of that, but I think I’m ready.

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