Three Popcorn Gift Set


This Three Popcorn Gift Set from Women’s Bean Project’s features specialty-sourced Amish popcorn kernels paired with specialty seasoning blends. It a very POP-ular item! This gift set gives you 3 different popcorn flavors including: white popcorn kernels with garlic parmesan seasoning, rainbow popcorn kernels with Himalayan Salt and black pepper seasoning and blue popcorn kernels with salted caramel seasoning. It’s perfect for the snack lovers in your life– or for those who love a quality movie night! With your purchase of this gift set, you are creating a direct impact on women’s lives.

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About This Product


  • Contains 3 popcorn packages
  • 10.6 oz containers, 4.5 servings in each
  • Shrink wrapped and decorated with a bow
  • Social impact with purchase