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I was distressed, depressed and displaced after my 15 year marriage ended in a bitter divorce. He controlled the house, finances, me and the kids. Abuse does not have to always be physical; it can be mental, emotional, verbal and sexual. I lost everything – my husband, my home, and my friends. I was separated from my children because their father took them into hiding and I had no idea where they were.

We were the perfect couple and had it all, but then the bottom fell out. I didn’t know where to turn so I started drinking and using cocaine after someone introduced it to me. The idea of not feeling pain was all I longed for – a way to escape. There are plenty of women where I came from, in need of direction and help in time of despair.

Women’s Bean Project was a new beginning for me. It’s a place where women can come to get help and be taught, to be held accountable, to open up and not be judged.

It has been over 12 years since I graduated from Women’s Bean Project and my life has continued to grow. I have been with the same employer for over 12 years now who took a chance and hired me at their front desk and now I manage five women and will soon be graduating college with a Degree in Education. I own a beautiful home in Colorado and was recently a host mom for International Exchange students from Brazil and Germany. I am very active in my church as an Evangelist Missionary looking forward to traveling to other countries and hopefully going to Africa to help build a water well. My sons are doing extremely well in their life and I have two beautiful granddaughters and am in the process of writing a few business plans for a transitional house for women and one for a children’s learning center.

~Gloria, 2002-03 Program Graduate

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