A Smile Says a Thousand Words – Nancy’s Smile for Success

NancyOne of our most recent program participants, Nancy, proudly graduated today from Women’s Bean Project. Today was not the only big accomplishment for Nancy. She will be starting a new chapter in her life at her new job, along with a bright new smile.

Before Nancy came to the Bean, finding a job was starting to get really difficult for her. She had been out of work for such a long time. All she needed was a chance for a new life, but no one was giving her an opportunity.

She was financially broke, her confidence was lacking, and in general, she was really struggling in her life.

The Family Tree Homelessness Services told Nancy about the Women’s Bean Project. They were helping her out of homelessness towards self-sufficiency. After applying at the Bean, she was asked to come in for a working interview. Nancy said that she believes that it was her great personality that helped her get the job. She was so happy and excited for a new chance in life. “Since being at the Bean Project I have learned so much! I am no longer homeless and am now living in a place of my own. My goal is to get a great job and stay there for a very long time. I now know that I can stand on my own two feet. I am strong!”

Nancy’s goal of getting a good job came true this week when she accepted a job at a local company right before her graduation day. She has so much to smile about thanks to the Smiles for Success Foundation.

“Dental treatment will have a significant impact on my ability and confidence to achieve my short and long term goals. I strongly believe that I have experienced chronic unemployment because of my teeth and feel like it is one of my greatest obstacles in finding a job, my top short-term goal. Having dental treatment will greatly increase my chances of being hired in the hospitality or food service industry, something that I have wanted to do for years.Dental work will help me to make a positive first impression on employers (something that I do not think I have been able to do with my current teeth). I would like to feel comfortable speaking with potential employers and networking to find employment but, have struggled to do so. Although I have a strong work ethic and leadership capabilities, I believe the ability to smile will lead to a more successful and hopeful future where I will have a better chance to be considered for a more visible role in a company as a supervisor or team leader.”

  • Nancy’s short-term goals (by the way, have been accomplished):To obtain employment in the hospitality or food service industry
  • To build confidence in myself

Her long-term goals (she is definitely on her way of accomplishing all):

  • To work in a job that I feel passion for and where I am interacting with people regularly
  • To feel good about myself in front of people in the workplace and in social environments
  • To learn to love myself and see my own beauty (I used to feel ashamed because of my teeth)
  • To be able to smile and feel comfortable talking with people and having pictures taken of me
  • To feel like a ladyHow Nancy’s new smile helps her feel today:“I want to thank you for my great smile! I feel that I can take on everything that comes my way now. My confidence is so high that I am trying to catch up to it! I am starting a new job with a great new smile and a great attitude to match. Thank you Smiles for Success Team!”

All of us at Women’s Bean Project are proud of Nancy and all of our 2013 program graduates. When you support Women’s Bean Project through your purchases and donations, you are helping a woman move up the path toward personal and economic self-sufficiency. These tools empower women to create better lives for themselves, provide their families with hope, and contribute to a stronger community.

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