Ensuring Change Sticks for Vonnie


Meet Vonnie. Her desire to be a better role model to her daughter lead her to the Bean Project. Since beginning work at the Bean on July 22nd, Vonnie is inspired to dream about her future, but it took a lot for this 40 year old to get here. Just as most of the women at the Bean, Vonnie has been through a lot in her life.

The job training and life skills she will learn over the next nine-to-twelve months are the stepping stones to self-sufficiency, and this learning brings hope to Vonnie. Her transformation has begun, and Joyce’s life-coaching class has had a profound impact on her.

“I learned to set goals for myself and really get them done. I don’t also knock myself down or beat myself up about things that are out of my control. And I take responsibility for my actions and for myself…and express myself in a respectable and professional way.”

Women at the Bean weekly life skills class

Women at the Bean weekly life skills class

In addition to the hands-on learning that occurs on the production floor, as part of their life skills programs, the women have their weekly “Women at the Bean” class with life coach Joyce Buteyn-Garrett. Many of the women at the Bean have dealt with unimaginable challenges, and the key to lasting success is giving the women myriad methods to break through their negative long-standing habits and thought patterns.

Joyce guides them to become aware of their courage, embrace the best of who they are, envision their potential, step out of the familiar and wake up to their possibility. Meeting with the women for two hours weekly, Joyce’s classes provide the framework for the women to overcome personal barriers and move forward in their lives.

You can help bring hope! So far we have raised more $1,675 to cover the expenses related to the class that helps instill confidence and coping skills. However, we still need to reach our goal of $6,600 by September 6th to ensure that all the women we serve receive the full 11-months of weekly group coaching classes. Through Joyce’s classes, Vonnie and all the women are able to create a positive foundation to overcome personal and professional challenges.

Together, every dollar makes a huge difference. A $20 donation allows one woman to attend weekly life-coaching classes for an entire month, while $10 allows 2 women to attend one weekly class. If you and 59 others were able to donate $10, we’d have another month of classes covered. You can change lives.

Consider making a donation to help all the women at the Bean.

Thanks to all of you who have already contributed to this campaign!

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