I am Women’s Bean Project: Aminah

Before Women’s Bean Project, I felt hopeless and not hireable. I heard about Women’s Bean Project by word of mouth and decided to pursue employment there to get help getting back into the workforce.

Some of my favorite parts of the program were Dress for Success and my mentor. I realized there was opportunity to improve my resume writing and interview skills. Women’s Bean Project provided me with a support group of people who are really pulling for me and care what happens to me. I also found it refreshing to work with other women who do not judge me but are supportive and share experiences.

Now I feel positive and not deterred by my past. I have learned that I am not a victim and that I’m only accountable for myself and the choices I make.

Today, I am proud to say that I am a June 2015 Graduate of Women’s Bean Project and have a full-time job at eScience Labs, as a Production Assistant.

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