I am Women’s Bean Project: Felisha

Hello, my name is Felisha. I have two daughters, 14 & 16, and one granddaughter, 1 ½.

Prior to coming to Women’s Bean Project, I was in prison.  Going to prison was my wake-up call.  I knew I needed to make changes in my life and I wanted to learn how to live my life differently… so I could succeed.

I found out about the Bean from my roommates in the halfway house.  They both were already employed at the Bean and thought I would really like being there.  I immediately applied and was hired this past February.

I thought I knew what Women’s Bean had to offer and was excited, but since I’ve been here, I’ve learned there is so much more.  What stands out the most is the support we all receive.  It comes from the women I work side by side with, from the staff, my mentor, the class instructors…everyone here.

I show up every day, to change.  That change is from the criminal lifestyle I was living, into a positive life I can be proud of.  I’m learning how to do that through the classes like Legacy Light. This is learning coping skills.  Learning what it feels like when I’m anxious and need to find calmness.  I found that music and meditating are my calming tools.

I have learned how to prepare for an interview through mock interview training.  We are given feedback with each mock interview allowing us to understand how to interview better, when I begin my job search.  I am also working on my GED and hope to receive before I leave the Bean.  All of this helps me in building my self-esteem.

I see women graduating the program frequently.  I’m excited for them as they begin their new lives and for it to be me one day.  When I graduate the program and secure employment, I would like to continue my education in cosmetology and live a happy, successful life with my family.

I now feel hope for my future.

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