I am Women’s Bean Project: Jennie

I was married with a good job as a district manager and had 2 kids. When I lost my job I began using drugs which escalated. Over the next couple of years I was in rehab, but relapsed and then lost custody of my kids. At that point I felt I had nothing to live for so I began using and selling drugs. I then spent 2 ½ months in prison and 5 years probation.

I eventually checked myself into a sober home and began doing what I needed to do to change my life. I heard good things about Women’s Bean Project so I applied for the job and was hired in 2014. While at Women’s Bean Project, I developed life skills, relearned how to interview and gained confidence.

Women’s Bean Project has helped me feel much more confident. I have learned a lot and believe everything will work out.

I have learned how to overcome my mistakes and move forward. I now have supervised visits with my 2 older children and am working towards joint custody. I surround myself with sober people and I am married to a wonderful, sober man and we are expecting a child together.

Since graduating the Bean Project in April 2015, I have been fulfilling my dream of working in a bakery. I am currently a Bakery Assistant at Breadworks Bakery and Cafe and hope to someday work in management and own my own bakery.

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