I am Women’s Bean Project: Rebbie

I was homeless and was able to be admitted into the Providence House due to childhood trauma. While living there, I learned about Women’s Bean Project and decided to apply. Labor intensive jobs are all I have had throughout my life, but my joints have started to wear down. It was time for me to refocus what type of work I was doing. The Bean Project connected me with Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, which is an amazing resource that paid for my bus passes along with addressing other barriers between me and a stable job.

There are many different resources offered at the Bean Project that are helpful and informative, but a specific one I really appreciated despite the frustrations at times were computer classes. I needed to develop computer skills because almost everything is computerized in the world now.

Since working at the Bean Project, I have learned to manage my emotions more, becoming less short tempered and angry. I have begun to work on processing through my past in order to live a much happier life in the future.

I really like production work and have received my Fork Lift Certification while at the Bean Project, hoping to get a job in the future that will utilize these skills. Currently, I am also in the process of becoming a member at a church, which I am really excited about.

I don’t like change, but God is helping me in the process of striving to be better and in continuing to learn.

It is wonderful that you can work to earn a living while having classes to help you gain more useful skills.

~Rebbie, 2015-16 Program Participant

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