I am Women’s Bean Project: Sharon

I was out of work for a month when I filled out an application at Women’s Bean Project. I was excited about all the classes that helped me find out things about myself that I didn’t know before, and to work through them. I have developed a good attitude and great customer service skills and positive interactions in my work relationships.

The Bean Project has reinforced all my strengths. I enjoy working on my career and personal life at the same time, where I am able to identify the skills that will get me a stable and long-term career.

I’ve learned to be more determined, to push myself hard, not complain as much, and how to manage my emotions. I can use these skills to build better relationships with the people I work and interact with.

I’ve seen positive changes in myself throughout this program. There are so many resources out there – you just have to keep looking.

Life is like a caterpillar, you grow and then you bloom.

~Sharon, 2015-16 Program Participant

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