I am Women’s Bean Project: Stephanie

I had just received a charge when I found our about Women’s Bean Project, but wanted a consistent day job. It was great to find someplace where I could work on myself and what I needed to get done in my life while at a job. The Bean Project helped me to work on some personal goals. I was able to attend life skills classes and the job was flexible with my probation. Financially, I am now in a better place and feel more confident.

My strong motivation and ability to stay focused is pushing me forward in life to succeed. The Department of Vocational Rehabilitation program offered through the Bean Project was helpful when beginning to write my resume. I just want to be happy.

Recently, I have started school again, deciding to go back and finish a degree I had previously started. I am studying Criminal Justice.

Now, I am at a better place in my life than I have ever been and know how to deal with issues in a better way than I ever have.

While at the Bean Project, I discovered that it would be much easier to get my life on track than I thought.

If you put your mind to something, you can achieve it.

~Stephanie, 2015-16 Program Graduate

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