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I am Women’s Bean Project: Tristan

I started using drugs at the age of 37 and my children were taken away from me by social services. I went to prison and now live in a halfway house. This is where I heard about Women’s Bean Project and all the programs and support they are able to provide in helping women to get on the right track. I didn’t think I

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I am Women’s Bean Project: Katie

Hello, my name is Katie. My journey to Women’s Bean Project started at the moment of my conception. As I know it, my mother attended a New Year’s Eve party when she was 16. In her words, she was raped and months later learned she was pregnant. I was conceived by an act of violation and born into a family of untreated mental illness. As

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I am Women’s Bean Project: Lorraine

Prior to coming to the Women’s Bean Project I couldn’t keep a job because of my addictions to drugs and alcohol. This served as a barrier to me gaining stable employment, along with not having a stable place to live and my constant search for happiness. At the Bean Project I was able to talk about my feelings and felt empowered through the opportunities I

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I am Women’s Bean Project: Stephanie

I had just received a charge when I found our about Women’s Bean Project, but wanted a consistent day job. It was great to find someplace where I could work on myself and what I needed to get done in my life while at a job. The Bean Project helped me to work on some personal goals. I was able to attend life skills

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I am Women’s Bean Project: Nicole

My life was crazy before becoming part of Women’s Bean Project. I was in community corrections, I was an addict, and I was bouncing from job to job. I heard about the program from a previous graduate and decided to apply. My goals were to get caught up on my finances, become stable, and start a good career. In the past, I didn’t feel

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I am Women’s Bean Project: Angel

I heard about Women’s Bean Project from my case manager while living in the halfway house after being in prison. I had never had a job and thought the program would be able to help me with everything I needed in my work and personal life. I’ve learned that I can hold a job and I am a hard worker. I will always remember

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I am Women’s Bean Project: Aminah Part-Two

I was blessed to start my life surrounded by both parents and awesome grandparents. I had what most would describe as a normal childhood. I grew up in a nice house, had professional parents, material things, and everything else a kid likes. Because my grandparents were from a time in our society that wasn’t very kind to African Americans, they along with my parents

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Learning Curve

When was the last time you struggled with learning something new?  For me, it would be just a month or so ago. My name is Alaska (pictured right) and this year I’m interning at Women’s Bean Project through a post-university service corps program, Episcopal Service Corps (ESC). ESC involves rigorous spiritual and personal development and interning at a local nonprofit. I’ve learned things this

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