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Our Mission

The mission of Women's Bean Project is to change women's lives by providing stepping stones to self-sufficiency through social enterprise. Women's Bean Project employs chronically unemployed and impoverished women through transitional employment and helps them earn the job readiness, interpersonal and life skills to create a new future - for themselves, their families, our community and our economy.

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Success Story

While my husband (who had recently been diagnosed with a seizure disorder) was looking for work and volunteering, I was at home raising our school-age children, with no prior work history or a GED. We were on the TANF program for temporary assistance.

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What We Do

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Stories That Inspire


I was distressed, depressed and displaced after my 15 year marriage ended in a bitter divorce. I lost everything.

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Prior to being hired at the Bean Project, my world looked pretty dark. Family issues left me without any healthy guidance.

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Since graduating from the Bean Project in April 2014, I have been working full-time at Pacific Pillows and going to college.

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Finding a job was starting to get really difficult. I had been out of work for such a long time. I needed a chance for a new life.

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