We take our responsibility to our donors and the public seriously. Donor contributions and grants fund program services, the activities that account for approximately 40% of the program participants’ paid time, such as:

  • Weekly job coach meetings
  • Financial literacy training
  • Basic computer skills classes
  • Planning and organizing classes
  • Adult literacy and numeracy coursework
  • Resume building and interviewing skills training
  • Interview practice
  • Nutrition and self-care education

These services are critical to the women’s long-term success and transition to full-time, career entry-level employment, setting them on paths to self-sufficiency.

Strategic Plan

As 2018 began, we were barraged by changes in the environment and our previous assumptions were challenged. It is clear we have entered into a period of disruption in our community and the trends and uncertainties that affect the women we serve must be addressed. This plan is our roadmap for the next several years of Women‘s Bean Project.

Click here for our 2018-2021 Strategic Plan


Annual Report