What We Do


Women’s Bean Project is a nationally-recognized social enterprise that offers a transitional job in gourmet food manufacturing and handmade jewelry assembly designed to provide women immediate income, arrange support services to overcome barriers to employment, and teach the job readiness skills needed to get and keep a job. Program Participants come to this transitional employment program from backgrounds of chronic unemployment and poverty, and the program helps them develop the work and interpersonal skills needed to function independently in the workplace and community. After nine months, they transition into career entry-level jobs – often for the first time in their lives.

According to a recently released Mathematica Jobs Study, businesses like Women’s Bean Project have shown that for every dollar spent, the return to society is $2.23. Women’s Bean Project is a win-win-win for the women, their families and our society. ~Tamra Ryan, CEO

Women’s Bean Project strives to break the cycle of chronic unemployment and poverty by helping women learn to work by working. Women work in our businesses while earning a steady paycheck and learning the work and life skills needed to function independently and effectively in the workplace and community.

Our community is enriched when we reduce chronic unemployment and dependence on assistance, and equip women to lead productive, self-sufficient lives.

Women’s Bean Project:

  • Meets basic needs and removes barriers to employment by paying a wage and facilitating support services.
  • Offers life skills that enhance a woman’s ability to govern her own life.
  • Arranges services that increase employability such as GED, computer classes, professional development, resume development and interview skills.
  • Provides hands-on training in the fundamental job readiness skills required by entry-level employers.

With this stepping stone toward success, the women will be able to support themselves and their families and overcome barriers to employment; creating a new future – for themselves, their families, our community and our economy.

The tools gained during their employment at the Bean Project empower women to create better lives for themselves, provide their families with hope, and contribute to a stronger community. ~Mary Wyciechowski, Program Manager