Changing the World Together

Good for us!

I love Colorado Gives Day! How cool that we have a single day when Coloradans can give to organizations that are meaningful to them. This year the giving for the day totaled $53 million from over 100,909 people. Good for us!

When we collectively do extraordinary things, like give over $53 million in a day, we are making steps toward making the world better for all of us. Though one doesn’t need to wait until Colorado Gives Day to give, and in fact, many, many people give throughout the year, the collective action in 24 hours shows what we are capable of and makes me feel optimistic about how we might change the world by working together.

For our part, generous donors – you! – contributed $151,676 in support of the women. This equates to 7,982 hours of training that makes a tremendous difference in the lives of the women we employ and serve. Special thanks go to the Kimbal and Christiana Musk Foundation for their generous match that helped us reach the highest amount we’ve ever raised on Colorado Gives Day.

For every woman who is hired for a transitional job at Women’s Bean Project, our goal is to help her start on the path to self-sufficiency by addressing the barriers to employment she faces. We help them develop stability, build crucial skills and set goals that will carry them into their next chapters. We do this through a combination of on-the-job training, trauma skills classes, case management and career development assistance.

The Bean Project offers a viable way to overcome psycho-social barriers to employment, decrease recidivism and dependency on public services, plus address a host of other challenges, because we help ensure the women do not have to go it alone. Our social enterprise model ensures that women earn an income while they are learning the skills they take with them into the future.

When women work, their talents are leveraged for the benefit of themselves, their families and our communities. When women are stronger, we are all stronger.

Your generous gift on Colorado Gives Day allows us to continue serving more women better by offering jobs and services crucial to each woman’s successful journey while she is employed at WBP and beyond.

If you did not have the chance to give, whether to Women’s Bean Project or to another organization doing good work, there’s still time. Rest assured that your gifts in whatever amount are appreciated and will help a woman change her life.

With gratitude,

Tamra Ryan, CEO

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