Broncos & Beans Come Together

Last Friday, the Denver Broncos and Mile High United Way came together to host the inaugural Denver Day of Service. Initially created as a way to commemorate the NFL’s 100th anniversary, this day of service grew into a city-wide community act. The Broncos and United Way brought thousands of Denverites out to nonprofit organizations across the city to volunteer and complete “100-minute” projects. At Women’s Bean Project, we were lucky enough to share our work with a group of volunteers comprised of Broncos fans and cheerleaders. We spent the day working in production together and sharing our shared passions for making others’ lives better through community.

From a post on the Bronco’s website: “The NFL is celebrating its 100th season in 2019, and across the country we are working together to bridge the gap between the teams and the cities that they play in,” said Allie Engelken, Executive Director of Community Outreach for the Broncos. “Hosting 100-minute service projects here in Denver through a day of service makes us feel closer, not only to the nonprofits that we’re serving, but the fans that we’re working alongside of to make those projects come to life.”

Hosting a group of volunteers at the Bean is always an amazing experience that fills our decommissioned firehouse’s walls with palpable energy. Knowing this day was part of a wider effort across the city made it even more so. It’s great to feel the support of the community we work in, especially when it comes from our city’s beloved football team!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support the Bean. We can’t wait for next year’s Denver Day of Service. Go Broncos!

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  • Maureen Patrice Hobbs says:

    This is so cool! I love and will forever support WBP. So glad the rest of the community also supports this amazing place. Nice job!