Generosity Generates Happiness

We have all become accustomed to end of year giving requests. Gifts given during the holiday season help Women’s Bean Project fund the upcoming year’s support of program participants and their journey to a better life.

Though there are many ways to give during the holiday season, one exceptional option is Colorado Gives Day on December 6. This is a single day where Coloradans can give where they live. Women’s Bean Project has been a part of Colorado Gives Day since its inception in 2010 and we have appreciated the rallying cry it provides for donors across the state to come together to support nonprofit organizations that make a difference to them. It is also thrilling to turn on the various news outlets on Colorado Gives Day to see updates about the generosity of our neighbors.

Colorado Gives Day is exciting. Luanne Hill, our development director, monitors your gifts and is quick to send a thank you in real time. Her enthusiasm is an indication of the importance of the day to Women’s Bean Project. Most of you have heard about our move to our new facility at 1300 W. Alameda Avenue in Denver. In our new location we have been able to add a variety of program options to better meet the women’s needs. Services such as on-site mental health and sobriety support, wellness services such as healthy cooking on a budget, and even trauma-informed yoga, among many other options, are now possible. Additionally, we have already witnessed the business growth made possible by our new facility. We look forward to being able to serve more women in this new location and serve them better with all the additional programming onsite.

That’s where you come in. Your gift helps to support this growth in the number of women we serve. This season, and Colorado Gives Day in particular, is an opportunity to support these amazing program additions that are making a tremendous impact on the women we serve today and the women we have yet to hire in the upcoming year.

We have a big fundraising goal for Colorado Gives Day: $125,000! We are thrilled to announce the Kimbal and Christiana Musk Foundation is matching $50,000 in Colorado Gives Day donations. What an amazing way to increase the impact of your gift on this very important giving day.

There is truly no better way to show your commitment to the women of the Bean Project and to your community than giving your time, talent and treasure. Giving on Colorado Gives Day and helping us achieve the match is like icing on the holiday cake.

Thank you for your generosity.

Tamra Ryan, CEO
Women’s Bean Project

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