Our Impact

Women’s Bean Project offers a viable way to address chronic unemployment, recidivism, welfare dependency, and a host of other challenges. Our social enterprise model gives Women’s Bean Project a sustainable way to achieve our mission. As a result = it ushers women with significant barriers into the economic mainstream.

According to a 2015 Mathematica Jobs Study, researchers found that every $1 social enterprises like Women’s Bean Project spend provides a return of $2.23 to the economy, including benefits of $1.31 to taxpayers from reductions in government transfer payments and increases in revenues, in addition to benefits to the SE business. This study strongly makes the case for the impact of Women’s Bean Project’s transitional employment program.

  • Program graduation rate has improved 75-85%
  • Job placement rate has consistently reached 100%
  • Average one-year job retention has reached 89%. When compared to the published average of 53% retention by our peer programs, our results are getting national attention.


Infographic provided by REDF

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