Program Volunteers

Our program and delivery of services is dependent on the volunteers who offer their time and expertise to support women in transforming their lives. Particularly, we rely on teams of volunteers to provide crucial job search coaching and assistance. We offer four different ways for people to volunteer with our program. Each role has different responsibilities and time commitments but are great ways to connect to our work.  

You can read about each opportunity below. If you are interested in volunteering with our program please contact us at [email protected] using the subject “Program Volunteer.”

The following roles are volunteer opportunities:

Job Coach

Job coaches facilitate the job search process with at least two women per year using “The Get a Job Kit.” Coaches will meet weekly with women currently in our program for a 3-month period to create a successful pathway to getting a job after graduation.  We will training you in facilitating the kit, so you will be confident in the role!

Volunteering as a Job Coach is the most time intensive, but high touch role of our program volunteer opportunities. It allows for relationship-building and personalized coaching between each coach and a woman in our program. 

“Job Seeking in the Digital Age” Workshop Facilitator

As technology advances, the skills for effective job searching advance with it. As part of our career services, we host a “Job Seeking in the Digital Age” Workshop to employ women with the skills they need to navigate online job boards, email inboxes and computer programs that aid in resume and cover letter building.  

Our volunteer workshop facilitators present a curriculum that is already designed. However, each volunteer can edit and modify the material to be updated and as relevant as possible. We will be teaching this workshop three times per year.

Computer Lab Volunteer

As women move into the job search phase of our program, they have access to our computer lab. During this time, women use computers to search for jobs, complete applications, edit resumes and cover letters, and other online requirements for finding their next job. Our computer lab volunteers sign up for one or more two-hour shifts per week or bi-weekly to staff the lab and assist job seekers as needed. 

Our computer lab volunteers have excellent working knowledge of Google Suite, Microsoft Office and various online job seeking platforms. This volunteer opportunity requires a minimal time requirement, but is crucial to the success of women who are in their job search.

Alumni Group Coordinator

Once a woman graduates from our program, she becomes a member of the Alumni Group. The group serves as a resource for ongoing support and relationship building. The volunteer alumni group coordinator will work with other volunteer coordinators to keep the contact list updated, plan Alumni Group events and communicate about group happenings.

Learn more about our program to see if you’d like to be a volunteer and make an impact today! Contact [email protected] for more information!