Partner Spotlight: Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web has been a longtime supporter of Women’s Bean Project, sponsoring previous fundraisers and contributing funds to purchase new semi-automated equipment for our production operations. As part of our Partner Spotlight series, we interviewed the team at Charlotte’s Web about their work in the community. Charlotte’s Web is a sponsor for this year’s Ready, Set, Grow, our annual graduation celebration and fundraiser which provides programming to women we serve. Keep reading to learn more about this great company!

For those who are unfamiliar with Charlotte’s Web can you share a bit about what your company does? Company values? Origin story? Services provided?

Charlotte’s Web was founded as a mission before we even became a business. We were founded by the seven Stanley Brothers and one courageous little girl. Charlotte Figi, who suffered from hundreds of epileptic seizures due Dravet’s Syndrome, was the first to try our hemp extract. In the first 24 hours her mother and family witnessed a significant reduction in seizures, and Charlotte could finally live the life of a more normal young girl. Charlotte Figi’s story spread. Soon, there was a waiting list of 15,000 families wanting access to our hemp extract. In 2013 the Stanley Brothers decided to name their company to honor Charlotte Figi’s legacy and we became Charlotte’s Web.

Our mission is to unleash the healing powers of botanicals with compassion and science to benefit our planet, and all who live upon it. We do this by being the world’s most trusted hemp CBD extract company. We fulfill our mission by responsibly and organically growing our proprietary non-GMO hemp genetics on family farms that are made into premium phytocannabinoid health and wellness products. We are not just selling products as a company; we are benefitting the environment, underserved communities, our employees and our shareholders by embracing the core values of Trust, Compassion, Courage and Vitality. And, in 2020 we a became Certified B Corporation so we are committed to continual improvement and being a business that is a force for good.

Charlotte’s Web supports its local community in a lot of ways. Share some of the projects and efforts you do to support local initiatives.

Our original nonprofit partner is Realm of Caring, based in Colorado Springs, founded by young Charlotte’s mother Paige FIgi and Heather Jackson, whose son’s health also benefitted from our hemp CBD extract, now called The Original Formula™. Realm of Caring has created a database of families from around the world seeking help for their loved ones, invests in research and provides education and a supportive community. Charlotte’s Web couldn’t have been founded without Realm of Caring as this nonprofit provides the link between the families on a waiting list and those families being provided the products they were seeking. We also have a long history with nonprofits who help underserved communities. These include High Fives Foundation and Adaptive Training Foundation, which help injured individuals, veterans and athletes recover their lives though adaptive sports. The Women’s Bean Project is a local nonprofit we have loved supporting for the past 4 years as we advocate for empowering women and girls in all communities.

Why is partnering with Women’s Bean Project important to Charlotte’s Web? Can you share how your company and its values align with Women’s Bean Project’s mission?

Raised by a single mother, the Stanley Brothers grew up with a deep personal understanding of the demands placed on many women in our society. Our company was born of compassion for others in need of help. We believe in the power of supporting those most in need. Empowering women to learn new skills and to seek and earn gainful employment is a service that Women’s Bean Project has provided to thousands of women over the decades. At Charlotte’s

Web we embrace a transcendent Core Value of VITALITY and that is for all people. We have witnessed how Women’s Bean Project through its educational resources, through its persistent support and occupational training, and through its daily encouragement to the women it serves, create that very VITALITY by giving people a second chance and a path to a better, healthier life. Thank you, Women’s Bean Project, for your vitally important work and for your own mission.

As a company, what are you most looking forward to in the year ahead? Do you have any exciting updates you want people to know about?

Healing. We look forward to our global society experiencing a time in 2021 to recover as best we can from the many impacts of COVID and societal unrest in 2020. Our CEO Deanie Elsner like to prophecy “A global botanical wellness awakening like our society has never before seen” as a result of the many challenges 2020 and early 2021 has been served up to all peoples. Specifically, for Charlotte’s Web we have new products we are launching and we also will have a number of scientific studies we will be announcing on the safety and efficacy of hemp CBD. Our commitment to organic practices, from farm through manufacturing, continues to grow as our manufacturing plant just received USDA Organic Certification. Lastly, we don’t toot our horn very much, but our company invests many resources on advocating for hemp CBD regulations that are sensible and fair. We hope to see such federal and state regulations become a reality this year.

What’s the most important thing that you want the community to know about Charlotte’s Web?

We are motivated every day by our Charlotte’s Web Vision which aligns with Women’s Bean Project’s Vision to nurture healthier lives.

Where can people go to learn more about Charlotte’s Web and your community work?

You can find out more regarding our Corporate Social Responsibility work on our website.

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