I am Women’s Bean Project: Regina

My name is Regina.  I’m 28 years of age and the mother of one special little girl. Becoming a good role model for my daughter is important to me.

I came to the Women’s Bean Project in April of 2019 after my mother told me about it.  She actually was a participant at the Bean five years ago.  After years of addiction, my mother cleaned up her life and came to the Bean.  After graduating, she found a good job and is still employed with the same company—five years later.

My own experience with addiction started a few years after my daughter was born. I had dropped out of high school and became involved with an older man who was a user.  Eventually, I began getting high, he became abusive, and I sent my daughter went to live with other family members.  Because of my past addiction and the bad choices I made, I was arrested and sentenced to a halfway house for three years.  At that point, I decided it was time to change my life for both my sake and my daughter’s.  That’s when I applied to the Bean.

My life is different today because I have learned job skills like keeping a consistent schedule, doing production, and helping with warehouse work.  I like the healthy work environment here—how there is unity among the women and we help each other.  The WBP has given me an income and a way to get back on my feet. I am studying for the GED and feel I can get prepared for future job placement with my new good work habits. I now feel like I’m capable and have skills to move forward to achieve sobriety and have a stable life.

As I prepare for my new life, I have completed WOW training in food service areas, getting certificates in ServSafe for food handling.  I would like to work in a warehouse situation because I enjoy how it involves the coordination of the production line and organization.  My goals for the future are to focus completing my time at the halfway house.  I have a fiancé who is very supportive, and that helps. Most of all, I want to have my daughter around and be a positive role model to her.  I want to teach her that we can be in each other’s lives.

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