I am Women’s Bean Project: Vanessa

Hello, I am…Vanessa.

I am 24 years old and I am a mother to a 20-month old daughter.  She is gold to me.

I first became involved with the Women’s Bean Project in October 2018, during a moment of a lot of confusion and loneliness.  I was a newly single mom, and my life was not where I wanted it to be.  After being unemployed for almost two  years, I knew I had to get past the sadness and think about a better future for me and my daughter. I needed to find a way to provide for my family in the USA and in Mexico.

My life is different today because of what I’ve learned at the Women’s Bean Project.  The Women’s Bean Project helped me realize that I am worth more than what I credit myself and to believe in myself.  Since I started working at the Women’s Bean Project, I’ve learned attention to detail and how to be a better listener and communicator.  I am a better team member.  Women’s Bean Project is advancing my knowledge in every aspect of my life, personal and professional.

My goals for the future are to overcome all the barriers that cross my way, such as caring for my mom as her health declines, and to finally find a trade/profession I am good at.  As for my personal life, I want to make fear my friend and possibly own my own home in the near future.  I will be successful because I have a growth mindset and strive to keep a positive mental attitude.

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