Women’s Bean Project Presents: 30 Reasons Why

A Look Through Our Graduates’ Eyes at 30 Years of Transforming Lives

As we look back over three decades of empowering more than 1,000 women and selling millions of gourmet food items, we turn to 30 graduates to hear in their words, why Women’s Bean Project has been important in their lives.

In Denver? We welcome you to come out to meet some of our graduates and celebrate with us on October 24th from 4pm-8pm. RSVP here.

  1. “I asked for a job, but WBP gave me much more than that. The variety of programs and classes gave me the opportunity to get back on my feet.” – Trudy
  2. “Because of my time here I have learned to dream and have hope again. I no longer feel like I’m worthless.” – Michelle
  3. “I came {to Women’s Bean} to learn and was given the opportunity to be here every day. It set my sights high and I do know now that I have skill sets that will take me into the future.” – Miranda 
  4. This program has made me stronger. I have always known what I wanted to do – own my own business – but I never felt confident enough to pursue it.” – Haben
  5. “Now I feel so optimistic and realize that I am accomplishing everything I hoped for, just maybe not in the way I had imagined.” – Eboni
  6. “At the Bean Project I was able to talk about my feelings and felt empowered through the opportunities I had to share my story. I gained a lot of self-esteem and learned patience in the workplace.” – Lorraine
  7. “Not only did I make good friends from working at Women’s Bean Project, but I gained the skills needed to get a job working at Denver International Airport before I graduated.”  – Andreia
  8. I feel good about myself that I’m getting the classes I need for the future, such as working towards my GED. – Barbara
  9. The people at Women’s Bean Project have given me that hope. They have provided a safe space for me to learn, grow and change. My mentor, who I meet with once a week, has given me the language to talk about my past to potential employers.” – Rebecca
  10.  I never pictured that I would have my life back on track. Now, I am working on making my childhood dream turn into a reality. I will be graduating from school in six months. – Corina
  11. At Women’s Bean Project, I learned how to get up every day and go to work, to be accountable, and have people support you in that. I learned about community. It will always be a part of my life. – Corinthiah
  12. Being at WBP showed me it’s okay to have flaws and that you’re not defined by them. It gave me confidence and helped me understand who I am. – Aminah
  13. I came to Women’s Bean Project and the tools I got to leave with were poise, respect, logic and self-confidence. I fell in love with improving myself here. – Katie
  14. Women’s Bean Project has provided me with strong emotional support and the motivation and determination to keep moving forward. – Taneshia
  15. Women’s Bean Project has made me value myself as a woman and understand all my possibilities. – Brenda
  16. Women’s Bean Project gave me a 2nd chance in life. – Minder
  17. The Bean Project has taught me job skills that I would like to teach to other women. – Victoire
  18. I learned I can still get a great career and move up in the world. The Bean has helped me to become more responsible, work through conflict with professionalism and respect for other people, and how to manage my time. – Chalora
  19. The Bean has helped me to realize, and believe, that my life counts. Being patient and persistent has been another important lesson. Giving up is easier than sticking with things, and I value that now. I am so excited about where my future is going. I’m really ready! –Cynthia
  20. Women’s Bean Project taught me to be self-sufficient. I learned more about myself. My attitude is more positive. I’ve learned job skills I never had through interesting and challenging work. I’m grateful for the opportunity. Cindy
  21. The Bean Project has opened so many doors for me. – Macy
  22.  By offering support and encouragement and believing in me enough to give me opportunities, the Bean Project helped me to become independent and self-sufficient. – Joni
  23. The Bean Project gave me to the tools and guidance to prepare me for the real world. It never said no. They lifted me up. No question was stupid. I was comfortable. The Bean Project became my family. – Celena
  24. The Bean Project is teaching me how to set and achieve goals, and to realize that I do indeed have potential and that I’m not a failure. – Pam 
  25. The Bean Project is like a bridge over troubled water for me. – Kimbra
  26.  My life is different today because the Women’s Bean Project gave me the opportunity to attend GED classes and other classes to help better myself. Through the support of the staff and my co-workers, I now know I CAN learn new skills and BE a good worker. – Dominique
  27.  I now feel hope for my future. – Felisha
  28.  At the Bean, I get to come to work, earn a paycheck, and really work on myself. I am now independent, more confident, and have found my voice. – Grace
  29. Women’s Bean Project has given me an income and a way to get back on my feet. I now feel like I’m capable and have the skills to move forward to achieve sobriety and have a stable life. – Regina
  30. Women’s Bean Project has helped me feel a sense of longevity, the security and satisfaction of showing up each day at a specific time with expectations of me. I am looking forward to my future now and finding work that I can call a career. – Claudia

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