Creating a Culture of Opportunity

When done well, guiding principles are part of the organization’s culture because they represent the organization’s values. The Bean Project’s Guiding Principles fundamentally shape the work we do, and none more than the Guiding Principle of Opportunity. Women’s Bean Project is grounded in the idea that it is our role to provide the tools and present the opportunities for the women we serve to embrace and own their futures.

We aim to partner with the women in the program and watch as they work to gain their success. We offer a variety of tools and skill building opportunities that are theirs for the taking. Our hope is they grasp the opportunities at Women’s Bean Project, fill their toolboxes with the skills they each need, and then pursue long-term employment and self-sufficiency. We truly believe women will thrive when they have the space in a supportive, non-judgmental environment to discover their talents and strengths.

The transitional employment program at the Bean Project is full of opportunities for the women to discover their potential. The twists and turns their lives have taken prior to coming to the Bean Project have prepared the women to grasp the opportunity to learn about themselves, their interests, and their talents that will lead them to career paths and the lives they will create for themselves and their family. Every opportunity taken by a woman in the program is an opportunity achieved. It belongs to her.

Every woman has something to contribute to our community. What a privilege to be able to present opportunities the women can choose to pursue and then watch them soar.

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