I am Women’s Bean Project: Dominique

Hello.  I am Dominique.  I am a mother of one.  My daughter’s name is Destiny.  She is ten years old.  I am the oldest child out of five and also the only girl.  I am originally a native of California.

I first became involved with the Women’s Bean Project in April 2019.  I was incarcerated in Colorado in March 2018 and got to the halfway house in October 2018.  I got a job at a temp service but wasn’t making enough money there.  I heard about the Women’s Bean Project from my therapist and my case manager and a few of the women in my half way house already employed at Women’s Bean Project.  They told me to apply because working there could offer me help getting my GED.  They thought I would fit in because I’m a fast learner.  I did apply and got hired.

My life is different today because the Women’s Bean Project gave me the opportunity to attend GED classes and other classes to help better myself.  I really enjoyed the Healthy Boundaries class because it helped me to learn ways to say no and to set boundaries that are healthy for me.  I have gained skills in shipping and working in the production line.

My self-esteem has gotten better since being here, too.  I hadn’t worked for twelve years, since I was 19, and even though I had applied for jobs in the past, no one had wanted to hire me.  Through the support of the staff and my co-workers, I now know I CAN learn new skills and BE a good worker.

My goals for the future are to get my GED and finish the program at my halfway house.  After graduating from the Bean Project, I’d like to attend college and study computers.  Eventually, I want to go back home to California to my family and my daughter.

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  • hollyyoung1 says:

    well done, Dominique. I just received a gift of food packaged by you as part of a holiday gift. Know you can do it, Godspeed, and stay focused. Holly Y.