Black Bean Soup


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Women’s Bean Project’s Black Bean Soup Mix makes a quick and easy meal for 7-8 people. Package includes a unique blend of spices created especially for Women’s Bean Project and 13 oz. of premium black beans.  Made in USA.

About This Product


Black Bean Soup Mix

  • All natural ingredients; no MSG, preservatives or trans-fats
  • Good Sources of Fiber & Plant-Based Protein, Vitamin C and Iron
  • Make on stove top, in slow cooker or Instant Pot®
  • Beans, a Gluten-Free Food
  • Certified Kosher

Important Information:
Beans, peas, and lentils are natural agricultural products. Despite use of modern agricultural equipment, it is not always possible to remove all foreign material. Sort and rinse before cooking.

Slow Cooker Instructions for Black Bean Soup Mix:

  1. Remove spice packet. Rinse and drain beans.
  2. Place beans into slow cooker and add 4 cups of water or broth until beans are well covered.
  3. Place spice packet, onion, bell pepper, garlic, bay leaf, vinegar and olive oil into the slow cooker with the beans. Add water or broth until ingredients are covered, about 2-4 cups. Do not add the can of tomatoes yet.
  4. Place lid onto slow cooker and turn to high setting. Let cook for 6-8 hours or until beans are tender.
  5. When beans are soft, add tomato paste and continue to cook for an additional 10-15 minutes or until temperature is at your preference.

You may need to check on the soup while it’s cooking to make sure there is still enough water. If water is low and not covering the beans, add a little and continue to cook.

Learn more about cooking with beans here.


Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Black Bean Soup

  1. Scott Anderson

    SO glad you liked it Penny. We are pretty proud of all our soups! You can even double the batch when you cook since you can freeze it for later.

  2. Penny Foskit

    Just made the black bean soup. My husband and I loved it!! Much better than Panera’s black bean soup! And I looked at internet and discovered that you can easily freeze any bean soup! So, when we have our fill we will freeze the rest. It makes a lot!

  3. WBPadmin

    We’re so happy that you loved the black bean soup Sheila, and thank you for your enthusiastic feedback! We’ll make sure to have plenty ready so you and your husband are always in stock.

  4. sheilac rapo

    I received this for a gift at Christmas. I made it and it was by far the best bean soup I have ever had!! My husband said you need to get more of that so I am.

  5. WBPadmin

    Thank you so much Mary for the nice feedback! We feel the same way about our soups and chilis and are so grateful for wonderful customers like you who support our organization. Enjoy your soup!

  6. Mary Dwyer

    I love this black bean soup! I think I even like it better than the 10-bean soup, but you can’t go wrong with any of these. I don’t consider myself much of a cook but these soups are always winners! My favorites are this, the split pea and the lentil. Delicious food for a great cause!

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