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Chili Mix with a kick! Try Women’s Bean Project’s Firehouse #10 Spicy Chili Mix lovingly handmade by a woman in our transitional workforce development program. A hearty meal that serves 7-8, our firehouse chili mix contains a custom spice packet, light red kidney beans, pinto beans and red chili beans.

About This Product


Firehouse Chili Mix

  • All natural ingredients; no MSG, preservatives or trans-fats
  • Good Sources of Vitamin A, C, Iron, Fiber & Plant-Based Protein
  • Quick and easy to prepare on stove top, slow cooker, or Instant Pot®
  • Certified Kosher
  • Beans, a Gluten-Free Food
  • Non-GMO

Important Information:
Beans, peas, and lentils are natural agricultural products. Despite use of modern agricultural equipment, it is not always possible to remove all foreign material. Sort and rinse before cooking.

Slow Cooker Instructions for Firehouse Chili Mix:

  1. Remove spice packet. Rinse and drain beans.
  2. Place beans into slow cooker and add 4 cups of water or broth until beans are well covered.
  3. Place spice packet, onion, bell pepper, garlic and olive oil into the slow cooker with the beans. Add water or broth until ingredients are covered, about 2-4 cups. Do not add the can of tomatoes yet.
  4. Place lid onto slow cooker and turn to high setting. Let cook for 6-8 hours or until beans are tender.
  5. When beans are soft, add canned tomatoes and continue to cook for an additional 10-15 minutes or until temperature is at your preference. If adding ground meat, brown in a skillet and add with tomatoes.

You may need to check on the soup while it’s cooking to make sure there is still enough water. If water is low and not covering the beans, add a little and continue to cook.

Learn more about cooking with beans here.


Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Firehouse #10 Chili

  1. Shawna P

    Needed a great vegetarian option for a party and this was perfect. Easy to whip up last minute. Surprisingly hearty for a chili with no meat. Definitely meal worthy with some fresh cornbread. We loved the mild, but comes in spicy if your family likes a kick!

    • Women’s Bean Project

      Hi Shawna! We’re so glad you enjoy our Firehouse #10 chili and share it with your friends and family. We hope you continue to enjoy our products!

  2. Julie

    Everyone in my family loves this chili. It’s convenient, you can vary it depending on what you want to add and even our youngest cooks enjoy making it!

    • Women’s Bean Project

      Hi Julie! We’re so glad you and your family enjoy the chili! We love when our customers adapt our recipes to make it their own. Thanks for your support and feedback! 🙂

  3. Eric

    I decided to make this all vegetarian. My wife told me that it was a big risk to do a meatless chili, but I persisted.

    My packet was put together by Eboni. I got myself a big red onion, a yellow bellpepper, and two cloves of garlic. I used vegetable stock, and spent my time making this delicious meal.

    My wife saw it stewing and said, “Chili is only good with meat, so I’m not going to enjoy this.” Cut to 12 hours later, and I give her a little bowl. “Holy s**t, this is the best chili I’ve ever had in my life!”

    It is indeed the best. Love it.

    • Women’s Bean Project

      Hi Eric,

      We love this story! We are so excited your wife was happy with the outcome and love that you made a vegetarian version of Firehouse #10 Chili! Next time, please feel free to share photos with us as you are making the chili and we will be sure to share. We value your feedback, and for making a difference in the lives of so many women, just by purchasing our chili. If you haven’t already done so, please rate the chili on our site so others can see as well. Have a great day and Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Tom Ridenour

    I bought this chili at the Plowshare Fair Trade Marketplace in Waukesha, WI. I loved the combination of the 3 beans & the spices were spot on. I added a diced bell pepper, some tomatoes (canned diced & tomato sauce) & 1-lb of ground beef. It was delicious. I would definitely buy this again.

  5. Scott Anderson

    Adding green chiles is a great idea! We’re also a big fan of adding fire-roasted tomatoes.

  6. Olivia

    The seasoning for this chili is great. Love that it’s a little spicy. I used diced green chiles instead of a bell pepper and the flavors were perfect.

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