Smoky Tomato Spice Blend


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With it’s special combination of spices, Women’s Bean Project’s Smoky Tomato Spice Blend is good on meats, makes a great aioli or salad dressing. Tomato spice blend comes in a reusable tin for easy storage.

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  • 2 oz.
  • Certified Kosher


Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Smoky Tomato Spice Blend

  1. Kelly Fox

    This is one of the best spice blends I’ve ever tried! The hint of smokiness is outstanding and the I’ve loved everything I’ve put the blend in. The recipe for the vinaigrette works great as a marinade/cooking sauce for sauteed shrimp! I also added 2 tbs of the blend to homemade tomato soup yesterday and I got rave reviews – one guy who ate it for lunch today said he needed the recipe to make more for himself tonight! The secret really is the Smoky Tomato Spice Blend!

  2. Scott Anderson

    Happy to hear that Sarah! We’re glad you and your family enjoy it. The smoky tomato spice blend is also great as a rub for chicken or even used if you make cheese balls for the holidays. Just roll your cheese ball in the spice and enjoy the flavor!

  3. Sarah Nielsen (verified owner)

    This dip is my family’s favorite (and they love dip). I give it to them in their Christmas stockings and make it every time they visit. Outstanding. Guests love it too. YUMMMMMMMM.

  4. Scott Anderson

    Thank you Linda for the glowing feedback! And for taking the time to spread the word about Women’s Bean Project, we appreciate your support and advocacy.

  5. Linda

    This dip is really amazing! I first tried it an a Bean Project open house and immediately loved it. I have since purchased it, made it and taken it to meetings, parties, etc. Everyone loves it and wants to know how I made it. So, I use it as an opportunity to give visibility to the Bean Project. The smoky flavor is so good.

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