I am Women’s Bean Project: Brigitte


I am Brigitte.

I first became involved with the Women’s Bean Project in September 2019, while in the halfway house. I never had hope of becoming someone besides a drug addict, because that is all that I had ever been. I started using drugs at 12. I had my first child when I was barely 16. Things were going okay for a couple of years, but then I got a divorce and slid downhill very quickly. I started using again and hanging out with a bad crowd of people. I started using meth and then got pregnant with my daughter. After she was born, I did okay for a couple of years, but after a tragic event I fell deeper into my use than I ever had before. I lost custody of my two children a couple months later and after that I did not care about anything. I was arrested multiple times and my drug use only got worse. I was homeless, and hopeless. After three and a half years of heavy meth use, I was arrested for attempted vehicular homicide on a police officer. Before I was released, I was federally indicted for distribution. I then spent almost four years in Federal Custody and had no plans for when I got out.

I was released to the halfway house and spent two months there, unemployed. When I was released from the halfway house, my probation officer informed me that they had misread my paperwork and I had to go back to the halfway house for six more months. My probation officer then told me about Women’s Bean Project, and I thought I would give it a try. When I first started, I was really overwhelmed, but then my courage began to grow. I learned new life skills, work skills and relationship skills. I have learned how to set attainable goals and have hope in my future. After five months at Women’s Bean Project, I have completed financial literacy courses, WRAP programs, Dress for Success, and many other programs. I have found my identity as a leader and team player. I am now fully employed with CanSource, 45 months into my recovery and am about to be released from the halfway house on the same day that I graduate from Women’s Bean Project.

My goals for the future are to eventually put myself through school. I want to become a mechanic. I also want to purchase my own home, and gain custody of my children again. The Women’s Bean Project has given me strength and courage to face anything that comes my way.

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  • Mani says:

    Thank you for your willingness and bravery to share your story. I am so very happy for you and wish you continued success. I will continue to support Women’s Bean Project in hopes of helping others.

  • kathy says:


    Congratulations to you. Hard work pays off ten fold. Keep it up and you will succeed in obtaining your goals. WBP is great and so is the food. I have purchased multiple times and will continue to support.
    Best of luck to you and all the bean women.

  • Denise Ashby says:

    As Brigitte’s mom all I can say is I am extremely proud of her and how far she has come. I could never thank the Women’s Bean Project enough, without her job there I do not know if she would have made it at all!! She is doing great now, just had our first thanksgiving with all of us together in 7 years! It was wonderful, all I ever wanted. Thanks again for all you have done for her, and all you do for women, continue the great work!!

  • Madison says:

    Brigitte, my niece and I made the snickerdoodle cookie box last night. When I saw your name on the box I decided to check out your story.
    You are an amazing person, keep up the amazing work you are worth it. The cookies were delicious and I love everything about this company and what they stand for.

    Thank you!!! You are enough just as you are.