I am Women’s Bean Project: Sisco

I moved out here to Denver in 1982 from Savannah, GA after I graduated high school.  Ever since then I have been on my own. I started working in a hotel in housekeeping in Stapleton and have worked in many different jobs since. I have three kids and eight grandkids. Most of my family is still here with me.

I started July 24th, 2019 at Women’s Bean Project. I came to the Bean because I had lost my job at Lark Burger 6 months prior. I decided I needed to get back to work and I was driving past the Bean with my daughter one day and I saw the big banner! I was like “Oh yeah!”. I had applied here years before, but I took another position elsewhere. When I saw the banner, I said, “You know what? I am going to apply.” I walked in, grabbed the application and filled it out. They called me in for an interview and then I got the job. Since joining the Bean, I have written several poems to express myself. Here is one that shares my story of My Life at the Women’s Bean:

July Twenty Fourth

First day at work

The start was rough

With a lot of quirks


I felt like an outsider

Like I didn’t even fit

They didn’t want me here

I wasn’t legit


I felt bullied

I felt disrespect

I felt unwanted

I felt like a reject


Every day I cried

Every day I was sad

I wanted to leave this place

I was so mad


What’s going on?

Why they picking on me?

What’s the problem?

Why can’t I see?


Then I had a meeting

To figure it all out

We needed to come together

Without a doubt!


Ever since then

We all get along

Nobody was right

Nobody was wrong


I needed to find them

They needed to find me

Our eyes needed to open

Wide enough to see


I’m more positive now

And so are they

I can be myself

So I decided to stay


Only three months left

And I positively know

Stick with WBP

And you will surely grow!


One thing that the Bean has taught me is to be more considerate, respectful and mindful of other people. It taught me how to look at other people in a different way instead of judging others. I have learned to understand that when other people experience challenges in their lives, they have other ways of handling it. I had no idea that stuff like this was happening with the young kids. But now, I am more compassionate towards others.

I love the floor production; I just enjoy it. I love making products that many people take for granted. Every box has a story. The classes are very helpful. I also really appreciate the dental and vision care that I received here. That was very important to me.

I want to continue working. I want to have the physical and mental strength to work to take care of myself. I’m satisfied where I am at. I have done so much. I just want to be comfortable and relax. I want the simple life.

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