Green Chili Salsa Spice Blend


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Women’s Bean Project’s Green Chili Salsa Mix works well for dips, salsas and marinades. Not too spicy, not too sweet, this homemade salsa mix is one of our most unique products. Comes in a reusable tin for easy storage.

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4 reviews for Green Chili Salsa Spice Blend

  1. Lynnell (verified owner)

    This is my secret ingredient in my award winning green chili. I have used chicken, pork and antelope. They all won first prize!

  2. Shirley

    I made this into dip and took it to a New Year’s Eve party. Almost every single person who tasted it asked me what the brand was because they, like me, LOVED it! It has wonderful flavors and did tend to get a bit ‘warmer’ as it set – though it didn’t last very long. 🙂

  3. Scott Anderson

    Thanks Mark! Glad you all liked it. Some other ideas for the mix: Add half a package to our cornbread mix. Also rubbing chicken breasts, pork or beef with the mix and slow cooking for 4-6 hours on low ends up with some flavorful shredded taco filling!

  4. mark skinner

    I served this at our office winter solstice party today and it received rave reviews from everyone. Great flavors that got all of us thinking about more things we’d like to do with it. So I’m ordering more!

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